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Decision Makers

As a scenario tool Megawatts and Marbles helps decision makers (utilities, governments, and NGOs) to experience future electricity systems hands on.

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Community Outreach

We use Megawatts and Marbles as a community workshop to discuss questions about electricity and renewable energy.

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Schools & Teachers

In cooperation with ScienceVenture we use Megawatts and Marbles as a teaching tool for grades 4 to 11.

The Game

How Megawatts & Marbles works
A game based, interactive workshop about our electricity system

Megawatts & Marbles is a fun, interactive, multi-player workshop developed by a group of PhD students at the Institute for Integrated Energy Systems (IESVic) at the University of Victoria. We demonstrate how different types of power generation behave and how these different types of generation are integrated into the electrical grid.
Participants experience the challenges of balancing generation and demand, hands-on, by taking on the roles of power plants who must work together to meet time-varying demand. Electricity, represented by marbles, is transmitted down a track to the consumers - a model city. Will the generators meet the demand or will the lights go out?
Through this game the challenges of balancing generation and demand are experienced hands-on in the context of a transition to a "greener" electricity system with more renewable power.

  • Fun is in the focus of our workshops, as fun facilitates learning and understanding.

  • The game provokes questions and fosters enquiry-based learning and interactive discussions.

  • M&M is a social game; Team work and healthy group dynamics are essential essential skills.

  • The workshop is set up for several teams to compete: who can build the best (ie. "greenest") electricity system?


Manuel Fluck

Program Manager
Together with Ben, Manuel developed the initial idea for the Megawatts & Marbles workshops. Now Manuel manages the project, takes care of business development, and runs workshops.

Benjamin Lyseng

Workshop Facilitator
Together with Manuel, Ben developed the initial idea for the Megawatts & Marbles workshops. Ben’s research on energy systems is the basis of the game, and it is this exhaustive knowledge about energy systems which Ben brings to our workshops.

Geoff Burton

Design, Purchase, and Manufacturing
Geoff is the handy man behind our game. He designed all the hardware, purchases materials, skillfully builds the models and makes sure the marbles always keep rolling well.

McKenzie Fowler

Account Manager & Facilitator
McKenzie manages the contact to our clients, arranges and runs workshops.

Rad Haghi

Rad is the latest add-on to our team. He will help us develop the game further and deliver more workshops.